Prospective Students

As part of the studio, you can learn double (also known as upright, acoustic, or string bass) and/or electric bass. Some of my students will go to music school upon graduating from high school, while others are just playing bass for a fun. Whatever the goal may be, I customize my teaching to work for each individual student. 

Current Students

I teach dozens of students each week, and love every minute of it. I hope that I can pass on the joy of music and a love for the bass to each and every one of my students.

"You helped me grow so much as a bassist and person over the years." - Former Student

"I know that he may not have always put in the time to practice but he did enjoy his time with you. You are a great role model to him - he thinks you're cool. And I do too. To be a teacher, share your love of music with a child, is a testament to your character." - Former Student

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