Music Styles
I cover each of the following musical styles in lessons. If a student is studying double bass, I cover solo, orchestral, and jazz styles. If student is studying electric bass, I cover jazz and rock styles.

For most double bass students, solo playing is the primary focus during lessons because I find that solo playing helps to develop playing the most. Not only does it provide a good platform from which we can learn technique, but it is also enjoyable because we are playing fun melodies at the same time! I find that playing melodies, as opposed to accompaniments, is immediately more engaging for the student.

Because much of our time as bassist's will be spent in orchestra, it is important for us to develop solid orchestral technique. I find that for bass the difference between solo and orchestral playing is the most drastic of any instrument. While playing solo, we are playing melodies, but in orchestra, we are almost always playing accompaniments. Each role requires a very different approach.

Jazz can be played on both the double and electric bass. Jazz requires a slightly different approach to the instrument that must be learned. Also, because jazz focuses very heavily on improvisation, there must be time spent learning music theory.

Finally, electric bass is one of the core instruments in a rock group. Electric bassist's will most likely find themselves playing in a rock group at some point in their career and therefore must know how to do so effectively.