About The Lessons
I teach double bass (also known as upright, acoustic, or string bass) and electric bass. Some of my students will go to music school upon graduating from high school, while others are just playing bass for a fun. Whatever the goal may be, I customize my teaching to work for each individual student.

Why Study Music?
Some of you may ask yourself, if most who study music do not make a career of it, why study music? Is it a mistake? No, certainly not. Click here to read about fascinating studies that show how music positively affects development in all aspects of life. Interestingly enough, a study found that music majors are accepted into medical school at a rate of 66%, while biochemistry majors are accepted into medical school at a rate of 44%.

The Lesson
The ultimate goal during the lesson is for the student to learn while enjoying the process. I do this primarily by using books and music that turn fun songs into engaging exercises for the students. Also, by encouraging regular practice, the student will feel a sense of accomplishment and thus enjoy them self that much more. And, oh yeah, we laugh a lot too. Click on the appropriate link to learn the details of a double bass or electric bass lesson.

My Role As A Mentor
The private lesson setting allows, and almost requires, me to be more than just a bass teacher. The life of a student is typically busy and interconnected, and therefore bass lessons and practice do not exist in a vacuum. I work with all of my students figure out how bass can fit into, and even enhance, their busy schedule. I like to think of the equation: Performance = Potential - Interference. While most teaching involves increasing potential, we must also work to reduce interference.